Current Weather @ 6:51 PM overcast - light rain Temp 35.1º Humidity 91% Winds WSW 3.0mph Max Gust 24.2mph
Todays Extremes High 44.4º Low 35.0º Rain 0.08" Rain Rate 0.038" per hr Snow 0.00" Season 26"
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Updated: 06:30 PM v2.1
Big Bear to Highland (330): 53 mins  
Highland to Big Bear (330): 44 mins  
Big Bear to Redlands  (38): 70 mins  
Redlands to Big Bear  (38): 67 mins  
Big Bear to Lucerne    (18): 34 mins  
Lucerne to Big Bear    (18): 35 mins  
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Dec 08 : 05:53pm
Hopefully you squeeze out a few inches before the high pressure!

Benny ⭐
Dec 08 : 05:11pm
Twas the real deal! But nothing touched down, a nice funnel though!

Dec 08 : 04:59pm
I saw 2 diff type funnel icons on your radar earlier, thought it was a glitch.

Been seeing it try to snow up here ..soon enough. Big flakes, not sticking yet.

Dec 08 : 04:58pm
(or if there is a 20 min delay or more on any of the main roads in and out of the mountains the TRAFFIC ALERT icon will light up on the left of the site. Click that for the details behind it).

Dec 08 : 04:56pm
Arrowbear Rider, be sure you check the realtime road conditions pages. That alert goes out once the delay crosses 20 minutes but realtime updates are on the roads page. A bit ago it had delay of 50 minutes but is now down to 32 minutes.
Link to Roads Page: [Click Here]

Arrowbear Rider
Dec 08 : 04:49pm
20 min. delay? Left Big Bear @ Moonridge & BB Blvd. at 2:50pm, got to Arrowbear 4:25. Saved a bit of time through Fawnskin, but backed up on Arctic Circle & took over 45 minutes to get through the merge at the Drift park & another 15 -20 minutes down 13 curves to AB.

Dec 08 : 04:48pm
Does this mean the turnouts are cleared for snow players 13 curves to snow valley?

Benny ⭐
Dec 08 : 04:27pm
We seem to have gotten our wires crossed....

Benny ⭐
Dec 08 : 04:26pm

Dec 08 : 04:24pm
Funnel Cloud?

[Click Here]

Benny ⭐
Dec 08 : 04:21pm
After a pretty wet weekend, the snow level is finally starting to drop, slowly. Now looking at a rain/snow mix at resorts with the snow level currently near 7,000ft, and is expected to fall a little more through this evening. Travel with caution, roads could become icy out there!

And in case you missed it, here's the photo of that funnel cake down near Hemet today! [Click Here]

Dec 08 : 03:57pm
We left BB about 1 headed down 330. Moderate rain lots of traffic going down and coming up. Slowed down considerably like it usually does with all the snow players and illegally parked cars. Stop N Go until we got past RS. Tons of cars heading up.

Dec 08 : 03:54pm
Yesterday at 4:30 PM it was pouring between arrowhead and RS. This morning on the 330 it was super foggy but precip free!

Dec 08 : 03:51pm
They must be really really good at backing down canyons. Wish I could have watched.

Dec 08 : 03:50pm
So came up 18.Along with getting to see the collisions listed here, was behind 3 fire trucks from SB. 1 was a full length ladder where a driver is in back. Headed into Waterman Canyon. My PU can barely clear the S curve 1/2 way up. No way that can. Also no place for him to turn around

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