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Mtn.goat John
Sep 19 : 06:26am
Now can I have it back?

Mtn.goat John
Sep 19 : 06:26am
That time. Have a wonderful weekend!

Sep 19 : 06:25am
that time have a great weekend

Mtn.goat John
Sep 19 : 06:25am
True. Aren't you supposed to get paid if it called a job though?

Sep 19 : 06:22am
but it is a job he'll never retire from

Mtn.goat John
Sep 19 : 06:19am
Unfortunately for him not much call for a professional moth hoarder.

Sep 19 : 06:17am

Mtn.goat John
Sep 19 : 06:15am
Takes real talent to keep them that long.

Mtn.goat John
Sep 19 : 06:15am
Antiques, some were alive before dirt was invented.

Sep 19 : 06:14am
hes got some antique ones

Mtn.goat John
Sep 19 : 06:12am
Get to? Seems like punishment to me.

Mtn.goat John
Sep 19 : 06:12am
I know what your doing next weekend.

Sep 19 : 06:11am
getting to see ernies moth collection

Mtn.goat John
Sep 19 : 06:10am
You got plans for the weekend?

Mtn.goat John
Sep 19 : 06:06am
It burned over 10 miles north and was spotting as far as 3 miles ahead of that.

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