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Oct 22 : 10:36pm
When I worked for the Forest Service I once stepped over a log. I felt my boot squirming around, figured it out, jumped back real quick, and sure enough, it was a coiled up rattlesnake that couldn't get his head out to strike me. Close.

Oct 22 : 10:19pm
Yes, chicken.

Oct 22 : 10:17pm
Ok, I gotta find something else to read before I go to sleep so I don't have nightmares.

Oct 22 : 10:17pm
Of the creatures I don't like to come across in the forest, I think rattlesnake is #1 or 2. Mountain lion is the other one. Although, I haven't seen a mountain lion in the forest yet, so I do want to see one. But from safely INSIDE the truck.

Oct 22 : 10:14pm
One time we found a pair, with the female still at the den. There were about 10 little ones, maybe six inches long. Left those guys alone. The little ones have a worse bite than the adults because they have not yet learned how to inject just enough venom to subdue their prey. They will empty the entire venom sac. Much more than a mature snake would use.

Oct 22 : 10:06pm
I hear rattlesnake tastes like chicken. (Don't they say everything tastes like chicken?) But I'm not about to get close enough to one (intentionally) to find out!

Oct 22 : 10:05pm
Some info about why the gate was installed: [Click Here]

Oct 22 : 10:02pm
Thanx, Cammy. 50 ears ago my family and another used to go up canyon from Pioneer Town and catch rattlesnakes. Look for tracks across the road and then track them. Catch them with snake hooks, put them in burlap sacks, and take them back to the other family's house. He had cages and fed them mice. In the fall we would have a barbeque.

Oct 22 : 10:01pm
Looks like there's a gate at the east (actually south, as the property line goes) end of Forest Service land. If this map marker works properly (I still haven't gotten used to the new Google Maps) then you should be able to zoom in on it and see the gate on the satellite view. Then if you switch to map mode, you'll see the FS boundary line: [Click Here]

bills grandson
Oct 22 : 09:49pm
The gate is down at the East end of pipes canyon. I don't know how they got away with doing it. That was a neat road. The campground is neglected I think the FS just wrote it off but it is a fun drive for an off roader. And you can explore the mine setup. Be prepared to do some climbing. As always if you do some research it makes it more interesting
The pioneer town road is not in bad shape but the section from pioneer town to yucca valley is pretty rough

Oct 22 : 09:32pm
I understand there's a gate several miles down from Onyx Summit so you can't drive all the way to Pioneer Town that way.

But I've driven down Forest Road 2N02 from Baldwin Lake to Pioneer Town a couple times and that should still be passable.

Oct 22 : 09:29pm
Is the road from Onyx Summit down through Pipes Canyon to Pioneer Town still passable?

Craig (KJ6BCM)
Oct 22 : 08:13pm
I think Fish N Brew closed way back when.. at least a couple of years ago.. I will have to give Algobertos a try. I always see it, but have never stopped in. The reviews are fantastic on the various review sites. Sounds like the Carne Asada burrito is the bomb.

Oct 22 : 08:09pm
I think I remember seeing it driving along 62 but have never stopped. Next time I will, I love fish and chips!

Oct 22 : 07:53pm
Does anyone know if Fish&brew is still open in Morongo Valley. It was the best fish and chips ever. The would fry anything for you

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