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Jul 24 : 09:35am
Good am .. Let's have a fire free day today /)))

Jul 24 : 09:19am
ETB and KK sure do know their DE!

Jul 24 : 09:16am
Good morning world! Looking like another warm day. Thankful for the breeze right now.

Jul 24 : 09:05am

Jul 24 : 09:04am
Those whose access to property could be affected by the work should make plans to leave early or find an alternate route. Caltrans officials advise motorists and residents in the area to pre-arrange travel plans. “It’s really important for people to know,” Lombardo said. “All American Asphalt will do everything they can to keep within the schedule. My advice is that if you see the asphalt truck coming, you might want to move your car.”

Jul 24 : 08:51am
morning all, sounds like a larger dog was victim to a coyote pack last nite, if only folks would bring in their pets at nite.. stupid people- friends in big bear city off sherwood heard this all nite, horrible sounds,

Ernest T. Bass
Jul 24 : 08:10am
as KK said just pour it neatly around effected area, it is also good for the birds and squirrels, we have seen the birds roll in it as a bath it kills the mites that have put a hurting on our squirrels.

Jul 24 : 07:52am
See my post in News.

Jul 24 : 07:45am
Good Morning World!


Jul 24 : 07:22am
Yes, using it in the kitchen on counters and such would be quite a dusty mess! If you can find the ant trail outside use it there!

Jul 24 : 07:14am
Airport Razz, i apply DE to the ground in both the goat barn and chicken coop area. I also mix some in their feed each day.

Airport Razz
Jul 24 : 06:52am
ETB and KK-how are you applying the DE for your results? Old school solution just not sure if this is going to work in the kitchen .

Mtn.goat John
Jul 24 : 06:18am
Good luck on the tooth Bro!

Mtn.goat John
Jul 24 : 06:16am
Pretty sure Root went back underground. I'm looking for it.

Mtn.goat John
Jul 24 : 06:15am
Make up your mind am I stewed or BBQ'd?

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