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Jul 27 : 11:03pm
I'm praying and hoping. A light show tonight would be nice. Not happening huh?

Benny (N6BWX)
Jul 27 : 09:17pm
Seeing some lightning off to our east and north across the high desert, the flow is coming in from the east so we could see some thundershowers pass through overnight...

Jul 27 : 08:23pm
Rained HARD and for quite awhile in Boulder Bay this afternoon.

Jul 27 : 08:04pm
15 years getting old that baby ...

Jul 27 : 08:03pm
My babies r four years old. Brother and sister that someone abandoned.. I did not want to separate them because they were very close, and still r four years later. I got them when they were three weeks old and they are my heart

Benny (N6BWX)
Jul 27 : 07:27pm
Bear City fire on scene of a single lightning strike snag in Lake Williams. A smoldering tree, units can handle.

Jul 27 : 06:37pm
my dog turns 15 aug 8

Jul 27 : 06:30pm
I know they don't like it... If I don't stress they usually don't stress. I hate lightening but try not to make a big deal about it you know .

Jul 27 : 06:18pm
mine too and my dog was shaking

Jul 27 : 05:44pm
Kitty girl Yes we do!! Not here in RS yet.. Rained a little but them it stoped. We hear your thunder... My cats ran in the closet .

Jul 27 : 05:17pm
Rain finished in Moonridge but not thunder.

Jul 27 : 05:12pm
lots of thunder

Jul 27 : 05:11pm
I love it and we need it

Jul 27 : 05:09pm
Love the smell of the rain .. Gosh the mountain sure needs it!! I don't remember having rain in July...great!

Jul 27 : 05:07pm
Kitty girl just push towards Rs just a wee bit further . Started to rain here but just a little. Hoping the sky will open up like it did for the fourth !

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