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Sep 29 : 07:53pm
If you saw it on FB than it must be true!

Sep 29 : 07:44pm
Thank you, Im prepped good for a earthquake, natural disaster and fire but want the kids to have a bug out bag just in case Theres not much time to get much.

Benny (N6BWX)
Sep 29 : 07:01pm
Got it, thx bb, interesting indeed. The technology's definitely there for the early warning system, I think delivery is a bit of a chore still. Sending out a text to 10 million people at once hasn't quite been perfected yet. with time...

Sep 29 : 05:49pm

S BLUE WATER RD / W BIG BEAR BLVD - BBC X LAT/LON:34260011 /116855033

More Info: Click Here

Sep 29 : 03:02pm
Ok I was able to post that in the general discussion, wasn't sure where to put it. Just so you can see what I am talking about. It has been shared on facebook almost 10K times. Again, was just surprised they would post this

Sep 29 : 02:51pm
This was not a USGS advisory. THey don't issue them. That's why I was surprised to see the Sheriff do a facebook post. It was really just a reminder to be prepared I am sure

Sep 29 : 02:48pm
My brother has the bug out bag, because he has to leave quickly once the tsunami sirens start blaring. We have discussed having cash, water, portable phone chargers,food, family phone numbers, flashlight, extra clothing...things like this. I do the usual earthquake prep at my house. I am going to read about that earthquake advisory online, because I know they cannot be predicted. However, would not be surprised if they developed some sort of panel as they are developing the earthquake warning system now. Once a quake begins. areas further away get alerts, allowing them to brace or position themselves before the shaking gets to them. Pretty cool

Benny (N6BWX)
Sep 29 : 02:43pm
It's just as news story about the swarm, not technically an advisory...they have tsunami advisories of course, warnings, etc. But usgs does not issue anything for earthquakes.

Sep 29 : 01:56pm
Brownbear, the Earthquake the advisory is something new? What do you have in your bugoutbag for Earthquake? Im putting together bug out bags for my family, actually its one of their Christmas presents.

Sep 29 : 08:58am
I hope you aren't someone else.

Sep 29 : 08:12am
Good morning Big Bear!! This is me this morning

Sep 29 : 08:10am
And btw I am on a list for years to get a USGS quake monitor at my home. This would be bolted to my garage floor. They ran out of funding but they said they would keep me on their list while they wait for more funding.

Sep 29 : 08:05am
Just thought it was interesting as I have never seen that before. Suprised to see the Facebook post. I have an interest in watching the USGS quake site, and have often warned my brother in waikiki to grab his bug out bag and head for higher ground when there are tsunami. I follow and read all the tsunami warnings for him. It is very difficult to get a vehicle out of that area when the sirens go off and everyone is in a panic. We discuss what should be in that bug out bag and what he needs at his house often, because he has been through numerous hurricane warnings too. He lives a few blocks from the water.

Sep 29 : 07:56am

Sep 29 : 07:53am
Warnings issued by the California offices of emergency services and the California earthquake prediction evaluation council.

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