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Jul 07 : 01:22am
Nite all.

Jul 07 : 01:22am
Welcome morning guys. Have a good Monday.

Jul 07 : 01:00am
It all turned out well. Only that one beautiful house lost. Fires generate a sense of community like nothing else. Benny will get that back up in good time. He and Craig have other things to do besides trying to keep all of us happy.

Benny (N6BWX)
Jul 07 : 12:57am
BG that camera's been around for years. I'm working on it, but it may need to go out for service and/or be replaced... I'll keep you posted!

bills grandson
Jul 07 : 12:45am
Glad to see the fire almost over. But the site has turned into a ghost town lately. It looks like the San G cam may be dying. But it certainly served it's time. over the last few weeks. Still one of my favorite views in Big Bear

bills grandson
Jul 07 : 12:40am
Everyone seemed to respect the USFS but CDF was almost the enemy. Most of the local men back then were volunteer fire fighters. My grandfather and Dad were. They both also worked for the FS. My dad spent the war at CALSHIP as a firefighter then was one of the first "professional" fire fighters in Big Bear. He was forced to retire on the job. There was little money for injured firemen back then. The thing that he had to fight for was his medical coverage which he needed badly.

bills grandson
Jul 07 : 12:40am
That was every morning. A few turned it into careers. Another friend joined the BBLFD as a paid call fireman as a second job. This was tough because you were expected to be able to leave your "real" job when needed. He turned that into a carreer. I think his firs forest fire was the bear fire and was on the artic circle when the fire jumped the highway over them and they had to scramble under their truck. That was a tough fire. We were up at Butlar when the fire was in Bear creek. in the afternoon. It crested the peak just a couple hours later. It was the first major fire I saw happen. It was also unusual because it started in November I think?. I saw a picture I took the other day dated 69.
There always seemed to be no love lost between local firemen and CDF. I never understood that but this will probably make it worse.

bills grandson
Jul 07 : 12:40am

Several of my classmates went to work for the FS out of high school. They were there to be fire fighters but were also given other duties. I don't think they made much money and the training was brutal. Running up Bertha peak carrying a length of rolled hose , and I think an axe.

Jul 07 : 12:23am
I left in 1974 for CDF.

Jul 07 : 12:14am
1981 lol

Jul 07 : 12:13am
I was full time FS from 1972 till 1991 then moved on

Jul 07 : 12:09am

Jul 06 : 11:59pm
That is BDF Mill Creek, not ANF Mill Creek.

Jul 06 : 11:53pm
It has taken a very long time for the Forest Service to realize they have real firefighters working for them

Jul 06 : 11:48pm
I loved the FS I started in 1968 as a dalton hotshot

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