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Welcome to the webcams page. Here you will find various cameras located throughout Big Bear and surrounding communities. Some of these cameras are remote controllable by SCM staff in the event of a fire or other incident. Most cameras will update every hour or so - some more often. CLICK ON AN IMAGE TO ENLARGE IT. Please contact us if you have any feedback!

San Gorgonio Cam
San G Camera top of Chair 9 at Bear Mountain (looking south at San Gorgonio Peak)
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KTLA Summit
KTLA Camera Snow Summit (controllable)

Bear Mountain
Bear Peak Looking North (8805 ft)

Bear Mountain
Bear Peak Looking East (8805 ft)

Bear Mountain
Bear Peak Looking at Sugarloaf Mtn

Bear Mountain
Bear Peak Looking at Geronimo Ski Run

Bear Mountain
Bear Peak Looking at the Showtime Ski Run

Bear Mountain
Bear Peak Looking at Bear Mtn Beginner Area

Bear Mountain
Bear Peak Looking at Bear Mtn Golf Course

Bear Mountain
Bear Peak HAM Repeater (K6BB-147.330)

Bear Mountain
Bear Base Area Looking at Chair 9

Bear Mountain
Bear Base Area Chair 5

Bear Mountain
Bear Base Area Looking at HalfPipes

Snow Summit Miracle Mile
Snow Summit Looking West

Snow Summit Miracle Mile
Snow Summit Miracle Mile Ski Run

Snow Summit Miracle Mile
Summit Bottom of Chair 8

Snow Summit Miracle Mile
Summit Bottom of Chair 2

Snow Summit Miracle Mile
Snow Summit Tube Park

Snow Summit Miracle Mile
View of Big Bear Lake from Snow Summit

Fawnskin Camera
Fawnskin Camera looking Southwest

Shay Meadow Camera
East Big Bear (Shay Meadow) Looking East
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Baldwin Lake Camera
East Big Bear (Baldwin Lake) Looking South West
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Lumbe® Jill
Mar 22 : 08:33pm
Once the eaglets fledge, they may or may not come back to the nest. They will hang around with the parents until early Fall

Mar 22 : 08:29pm
I'll be there in the morning...{....he said, while sitting on Lake Lanier, Ga........}.
Might be late so don't put a pot of coffee on for me.

Mar 22 : 08:23pm
Yes can you please climb up there and put up an EZ Top???

Mar 22 : 08:17pm
LJ....after they've fledged {that correct for first flight?} how long will they continue to share the nest w Mom & Dad?

**sidenote: Wish I could put up an EZ-Up canopy for them....they all look like drowned rats. **

sned (KK6PTO)
Mar 22 : 08:09pm
It was Rock's fault in the first place! What a great engineering feat....

Mar 22 : 08:07pm
The neighborhood has gone to H@#

Mar 22 : 07:54pm
Goat, it was Rock that planned the opening that way

Lumbe® Jill
Mar 22 : 07:38pm
I'm sure they'll be fine. They look pathetic though!

Mar 22 : 07:06pm
This is normal weather for eagles, right? The eaglets will be fine, right? Amazing how attached we've gotten!!

Mtn.goat John
Mar 22 : 06:58pm
Mighty nice of them to open Arctic Circle right as I crested Cushenbury.

Lumbe® Jill
Mar 22 : 06:50pm
I wonder if eagles get motion sick. That tree sure was whipping around in the wind earlier!

Mar 22 : 05:52pm

Sun Diego
Mar 22 : 05:35pm
They sure are wet. They are between 5:30 and 5:35 tonight

Sun Diego
Mar 22 : 05:34pm
The babies are eating now. I saw the one of the left being fed a much larger piece of food than normal and the baby swollowed it and asked for and got more.

Mar 22 : 05:19pm
Wow, that plane was really low

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