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Van Dusen Mine
Wed Nov 04 2015, 09:31AM
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Sat Nov 14 2015, 05:03PM
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Feb 20 : 06:09pm
We had them for a good 20 minutes...sorry I didn't get it posted earlier...hope somebody else got to see em...but the Google photos are very close to what we had...yes kewl

Feb 20 : 05:50pm
Hi CaptMike,
I have never heard of Wave Clouds before, so I looked them up!
Really kewl!

Feb 20 : 05:39pm
Any and all interested in wave clouds that you may have missed this afternoon, just google..."show me pictures of wave clouds:...and you'll get photos and explanations of how this atmospheric phenomenon happens....pretty kewl

Feb 20 : 05:28pm
I'm going to be very careful AP! I have the rash and that's why I went back to the doc. It's hard on my pride to miss work but I know I have to. I have over 600 hours sick leave built up and that's what' it's for! Hi CK good to hear from you.

Feb 20 : 05:28pm
We just keep using the hand sanitizer and Lysol to avoid spreading it. Our desks have an assortment of remedies in and on them, depending on what works for each of us.

Feb 20 : 05:27pm
Wave Clouds still continuing....
Viewing from c/o Paradise and BBL, looking south...

Feb 20 : 05:25pm
Sorry....meant sez

Feb 20 : 05:24pm
Bronchial problems are running rampant through BBV...3wks now for me, and Drs. office sex alot going around....

Feb 20 : 05:21pm
At my work, We've each taken a few sick days off, but with this last round, we are working anyway, sick.

Feb 20 : 05:21pm
Hey al.
Check out the "Wave Clouds" passing east to west over our southern ridge...rare and unusual...really cool

Airport Razz
Feb 20 : 05:14pm
BBNona - be really careful and watchful with the strep. Had a tech that got it back at the end of October. Didn't see him again until just a couple of weeks ago. Ended up with Rheumatic Fever and a really nasty skin splotches. Looked like leprosy for a while. Get it treated properly and the first time. Good old Medical on top of their game once again NOT. And eventually the meds he needed weren't covered under Medical and a 2oz tube cost him over $1000 per tube. Good luck and get to feeling better, same with you SSJ. We are going on round 3 of the cough/croup stuff.

Feb 20 : 05:09pm
Hi BBNona and SSH2012,
Sorry you're so sick and hope you all get well soon. A lot of my friends have this awful cold, too. I had the flu/cold for the last few years, so I had decided to get the flu shot last October, and so far so good. Get lots of rest and drink water. The house will wait.

Feb 20 : 04:55pm
I know what you mean SSJ! i've been sick and miserable for over a week just went back to the doctor today and it turns out I have strep throat. You can only watch so many movies and my house is falling apart!

Feb 20 : 12:52pm
Can't wait for this cold to be over so I can get back to work. Caught up with all my shows, tried of surfing internet. Boredom has officially set in.

Feb 20 : 10:36am

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