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Airport Razz
Oct 30 : 10:42am
Either way doesn't matter to me. Will still start my day in the dark and either end in the dark or staring into a blinding sun in the windshield. I just want MY internal clock to not be messed with. Pick one, stick to it and let me know 😴

Benny ⭐
Oct 30 : 09:50am
Arrowbear, we voted to stay on PST some years back and it did not pass, so they tried again with DST and it passed. I personally prefer DST so it's light later. My guess is this will go through eventually, but they'll switch us to standard time.

Oct 30 : 09:49am
I shouldn't say burning down, just meant down by Sierra!

Oct 30 : 09:48am
Idk-nothin that is the Valero gas station burning down at the Sierra exit.

Oct 30 : 09:19am
Polar 🌌rbit, I know CDA now, thx!

Oct 30 : 09:00am
Good Morning right back at ya!

Oct 30 : 08:58am
Good morning all. Since previous chat posts are about time, I prefer DST, time in the evening when it is light. However, it does not matter how we set our clocks, we have the same amount of light and darkness.

Have a great day!

Arrowbear Rider
Oct 30 : 08:54am
I don't understand the argument against staying on PST; if that's the one we are switching to this weekend.

What I mean is, if we stayed on DST, then it wouldn't be dark until 7am or later in the winter? Add the ridge line and the sun wouldn't be breaking over until 9am or later. The sun is still behind the ridge at my house at almost 9am.

I used to travel for work & far north (ND & Mt) near the Canadian border it would be pitched black outside at 7am-7:30am & getting started on my day had to wait until sunrise. I could have started in the dark w/ a flashlight, but it was also around zero degrees outside until the sun came out. And no one was showing up at the dealerships anytime soon anyways, so rushing would have resulted in waiting.

So, I don't understand the reason for it to be dark that late?

Oct 30 : 08:24am
Looks like a car fire at the gas station on Sierra. Lots of first responders on scene.

Oct 30 : 08:19am
Smoke near 15/215 interchange. Base of the pass.

Polar 🌌rbit
Oct 30 : 08:13am
You are right, I didn't know ID was split. But Boise is in mountain time so I agree with your preference to stay on mountain standard which is the same as pacific daylight.

Oct 30 : 08:03am
Polar, CDA is Eastern edge of PST

Polar 🌌rbit
Oct 30 : 07:51am
The western edge of Idaho lies about the middle of the "Arctic Circle". I put it in quotes so you wouldn't think it's the one in Alaska.

Polar 🌌rbit
Oct 30 : 07:49am
Coeur'dAlene, but you knew that, You just like to stir the pot, like me.

Oct 30 : 07:29am
It is the Eve of Halloween 🎃🦇👻

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