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Jan 30 : 05:29am
A light snow has covered the ground in Moonridge. Streets still black and wet.

Jan 29 : 09:21pm
I hope it is enough to make a bit of an impact.

Benny (N6BWX)
Jan 29 : 09:09pm
Mostly snow up top, rain in the base, but may cool a little more over night

Benny (N6BWX)
Jan 29 : 09:08pm
Yeah, it's a pretty wet mix...

Jan 29 : 08:53pm
Looks like it is rain at Bear Mtn. based on what I see in the webcam. Any other interpretation?

Jan 29 : 08:50pm
Good evening everyone.

Jan 29 : 08:29pm
Weather sounds promising benny! Hope to get uth before the snow...have to make tacos! Likevi said RRH I'm a sucker!!

Jan 29 : 08:25pm
NSA: just a sucker for youngest daughter!

Benny (N6BWX)
Jan 29 : 08:24pm

Benny (N6BWX)
Jan 29 : 08:24pm
Still raining here, 34 and a cold, wet rain. Will likely get some snow tonight, maybe rain again tomorrow then snow again tomorrow night. A little big of everything!

Jan 29 : 08:24pm
I would say suggest that BBNona has a deranged sense of reality.

Jan 29 : 08:15pm
BBNova, you are brave.

Warm and drizzle down in Fullerton

Lumbe® Jill
Jan 29 : 07:54pm
Still a little warm in upper Fawnskin (33.5) but snow is trying to stick

Jan 29 : 06:34pm
Under a mutual aid agreement - fire agencies move to another station to cover the area while the regular units are on a call. That's a simplified explanation.

Jan 29 : 06:28pm
Starting to rain with slight snow here in Fawnskin! Hubby just grabbed his last beers at Fawnskin Market

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