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Feb 28 : 03:31am
3CD, I would say yes probably if
R-3 chain control conditions are in effect. I have the same quandary with my Subaru, chains not recommended. Maybe could get away with low profile cables if all four are chained up. The issue is with the front to back differential. It likes all of the tires to be the same circumference.

Feb 28 : 01:29am
Look for M+S on your tire sidewalls. Means Mud + Snow and you are good to go. Likely that you have them.

Feb 28 : 01:08am
Question regarding chains. 2014 Jeep Cherokee 4wd with hill ascent,etc , snow/mud/sand settings but I do not have snow tires. My owners manual recommends Against using chains. Can I Be forced to install?

Feb 27 : 11:40pm
Save and sound. No fog from the Dam to home.

Sun Diego
Feb 27 : 11:20pm
Thanks for the upgrade Silver. I am sure you got home alright.

Feb 27 : 10:45pm

Feb 27 : 10:44pm
Bear mountain..

Feb 27 : 10:41pm
What are Bar Mountain tickets now?... Lol!!

Feb 27 : 10:40pm
I remember when lived in Big Bear I would get excited when I felt snow coming , it meant skiing time is on way.... Tickets were $4.50... Yep... No lie

Feb 27 : 10:31pm
Fog stops at running springs. Light rain falling and traffic moving at snow valley

Feb 27 : 10:10pm
Driving up the hill fog is really bad she can't see two cars ahead of us we are dead stop and haven't got to running Springs yet we've been on the mountain for 30 minutes

army police
Feb 27 : 10:03pm
cool people on this site.

army police
Feb 27 : 10:02pm
good evening bbnova.

Feb 27 : 09:52pm
Good evening AP.

army police
Feb 27 : 09:45pm
how are you doing redhat.

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