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Feb 06 : 01:30am
Hi Cornbread,
Whereabouts in CDA are you living? I have a place in Strawberry Fields, Hayden but would like to be closer east near Dalton Gardens and Canfield mountain. Hayden Lake is a nice substitute for Big Bear Lake...

army police
Feb 05 : 09:39pm
you are very welcome anytime be safe ok.

army police
Feb 05 : 09:39pm
goodnight LUMBERJILL see you soon.

Feb 05 : 09:39pm
Thank you so much. I knew this would be the place to get a expert answer. So glad I did ask here!

army police
Feb 05 : 09:37pm
thank you LUMBERJILL you are another good person on this site.

Lumbe® Jill
Feb 05 : 09:37pm
I'm off to bed. It's been a long week

army police
Feb 05 : 09:36pm
that is right thank you LUMBERJILL like i said before real good people on this site.

Lumbe® Jill
Feb 05 : 09:36pm
Evening army police. I hope you are well

Lumbe® Jill
Feb 05 : 09:35pm
Idaho is a beautiful state! CDA is green, lots of open space, beautiful lakes and rivers everywhere and the people are warm and kind

army police
Feb 05 : 09:35pm
if you have front wheel drive they would go on the front tires ok please be safe.

Lumbe® Jill
Feb 05 : 09:34pm
Put your chains on your drive wheels

Feb 05 : 09:33pm
Cornbread - I know so many people who have moved there. What is the attraction?

Feb 05 : 09:27pm
Embarrassing Question. Though we own a Cabin in Big Bear and my husband's Grandparents did also, we avoided Winter months because we are wimps. Now to the question...we are coming up next week - yes I know it's Winter! But we have a Honda Odyssey Van front wheel drive. So on which wheels would we put chains if the need arrives.

army police
Feb 05 : 09:25pm
thank you all for the advice on starwars it was a great movie thanks to all.

army police
Feb 05 : 09:23pm
hello toSOCALSNOWMAN i hope you are well and had goodday.

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