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LA Owl
Oct 27 : 07:17am
You are making me hungry.

Mtn goat John
Oct 27 : 06:16am
That works.
Have a fantastic day!

Mtn goat John
Oct 27 : 06:16am
Well don't just sit there, say something. I didn't eat your script.

Oct 27 : 06:15am
have a great day

Mtn goat John
Oct 27 : 06:12am
Oh yea, it was delicious too

Oct 27 : 06:11am
your script

Mtn goat John
Oct 27 : 06:08am
You guys are talking 70-71 and 78. I don't even remember what I ate for breakfast.

Mtn goat John
Oct 27 : 06:07am
Happy whatevertodayis day

Oct 27 : 06:06am

bills grandson
Oct 27 : 05:56am
I was a bit earlier and we had a couple of guys who would drag race and that was usually either moontidge road, or 38 just above Irwin lake the rest was road racing. In school they showed us "blood on the highway" with the gory pictures. We all walked out swearing we would be more careful. That lasted about a day then back to usual.

Oct 26 : 08:50pm
I remember, a weekend in Sept.
I thinx, 70-or 71 when we got apx. 18" of snow and opened Summit for the wknd.
It sticks in my mind becuz DICK and I we're running Ch. 1 for sightseeing, and we were pissed cuz we couldn't go ski.

Oct 26 : 08:30pm
Anybody remember the drag strip? When sandalwood was being graded there were a couple of weekends when they raced sandrails. Maybe 1978...

Oct 26 : 08:21pm
No snow yet. 3 more weeks and I'll be good. Then it can snow all it wants

Oct 26 : 08:10pm

Forget rain......Think SNOW.

Oct 26 : 07:59pm
Got caught offshore a few times, with no predicted problems....REALLY WASN'T FUN AT ALL.

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